Average Life Expectancies

Here are a few examples from historical data and experience:

Air conditioning compressor ? air cooled, hermetically sealed
12 to 15?years
Air conditioning compressor ? water-cooled, hermetically sealed
Air conditioning compressor ? reciprocating 20?years
Rooftop heating and air conditioning unit 20 years
Copper core boiler – heat exchanger 15?to 20?years
Steel core boiler ? heat exchanger 10?to 15?years
New cast iron core boiler ? heat exchanger 20?to 25?years
Old cast iron core boiler ? heat exchanger 30?to 50?years
Steel tube boiler ? heat exchanger 20?to 40?years
Heat exchanger ? standard rooftop unit 15?to 20?years
Heat exchanger downstream of a cooling coil (package unit) 10?to 20?years
Heat exchanger ? standard? combustion indoor system 20?to 25?years
Cooling tower 20?to 25?years
Central chiller 20+ years
Air handler ?30+?years
Gas-fired ceiling-mount unit heater 15?to 25?years
Gas-fired ceiling-mount radiant heater 20?to 25?years
Built-up asphalt and gravel roof system 20 to 25 years
Modified bitumen roof system 15 to 20 years
Inverted EPDM rubber or PVC roof system 25+ years
Asphalt paving for car parking 20 years
Asphalt paving for trucks 15 years
Sealed, double glazed windows 20 to 30 years
Plywood overhead doors 15 to 25?years
Pre-finished steel overhead doors 20+ years
Electrical transformer 30 years
Electrical switchgear 30?years