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Here are a few examples from historical data and experience: Air conditioning compressor – air cooled, hermetically sealed 12 to read more

Air conditioning systems for buildings may rely on either a liquid, such as water, or air as a distribution medium. read more

Re-produced with permission, courtesy of the Ontario Plumbing Inspectors Association The following image is of an early toilet circa read more

No building is perfect. The question is how imperfect is it? What sort of yardstick do we use to measure read more

As of May 5, 2001, Reserve Fund Studies (RFS) became mandatory under the 1998 Condominium Act. All existing corporations had read more

What Are They? The use of Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) sprinkler systems is becoming more prevalent in the protection read more

The building envelope includes all building components that separate the building interior from the outdoor environment. This normally includes the read more

For low-rise buildings, such as industrial buildings or retail buildings,?the roofing system is the most expensive component that is expected read more

When describing the heating systems in a commercial building, there are a number of variables to consider, including: The type read more