Commercial Building Inspections Textbook

The Commercial Building Inspections textbook is the core of the CDW Commercial Building Inspection Course. The textbook is over 780 pages of information, illustrations and color photographs, detailing commercial building structures and systems, and how to inspect them.

The textbook is a must for anyone who conducts commercial building inspections or Property Condition Assessments (PCAs). Highlights of the textbook include:

  • Details on how to conduct a Property Condition Assessment to the ASTM Standard E2018
  • Included is an up to date copy of the ASTM Standard E2018
  • Over 350 illustrations of building structures and systems
  • Over 700 color photographs to help identify building systems and common deficiencies found
  • Business considerations, such as who commercial clients are and why they need inspections
  • Sample proposal
  • Sample PCA report
  • Details and examples on how to prepare cost estimates for repairs/replacements recommended
  • Details on report writing and what the PCA report must contain
  • Details on consultants required to assist with the inspection, how to select them, how to mark up their fees, how to deal with their reports, etc.
  • Critical information required about the building before a fee can be quoted

The textbook is included when you sign up for the CDW Commercial Building Inspection Course. Click here to get more information on the CDW Commercial Building Inspection Course.

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